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Hi. This web site is for my data.

I have data from the sensors on Shingle Creek, which is located at approximately 52nd Avenue North and Queen in Minneapolis starting on 05/26/2011 to the present. Readings taken every 15 minutes. Each record includes Date, Time, Gage Reading (Depth), Gage Rate (rate of change from previous reading), Rate (How fast the water is moving), Rate Rate (rate of change from the previous reading), Temperature, Temperature Rate (rate of change from the previous reading), Conductivity, Conductivity Rate (rate of change from the previous reading).

I have most of the MnDOT traffic incident data from 10/14/2008. At this point, on March 30th 2014, there are 71275 records. The data includes: camera number, type of incident, the time in epoch it was first included on MnDOT's web page, how long the incident remained on MnDOT's web page, whether it was blocking traffic or not, the date and time the incident was first included on MnDOT's web page.

I have the table of contents of all issues of 73 Magazine including issue number, issue month, issue year, issue volume, issue number, type(?), title, author (Generally their callsign), the page number for the article, and the name of the author(s).

I have various information on pinball machine sales on ebay from a couple of years ago. There is also a table with 5,305 machine names which includes the manufacturer, the manufacture data, number of players, type and themes. The ebay data includes the epoch when the sale ended, the auction ID, auction title, machine_id (from the machines table), whether it was sold or not, the price it sold for and the number of bids.

I have 857 quotes, mostly political and/or philosphical, which includes the quote, the author and notes.

I have 72,328 historical dates, holidays, births and deaths, etc. The fields included are the month and day of the record, the daily fact which is the event of the record or whatever, for example the first entry daily fact is "On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.", the year of the record, the type of record (birth, death, holiday, event)

I have some older crime statistics for Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The city has changed the way they deliver the data, so I haven't been able to collect the data for awhile, but I am working on resuming the collection of data. I am not sure of the date range of the data, but I probably have 2 - 3 years worth, from about 2010 to sometime in 2013.

I will be restoring my FCC amateur radio license data when I have a chance. I kept it for years and do have a copy of it, but there are a lot of changes on a daily basis, so I will just be starting from scratch.

Data I would like to have? Any. What have you got? I would be interested in Fire Hydrant locations in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Can't think of anything else right now, but I am always interested in finding new public data. I think I also have a list of all the articles that Walter E. Williams has written around somewhere now that I think of it. That hasn't been updated in awhile so isn't current.

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